Every morning on the way to work, I come across a homeless person who rests under a variety of blankets in small little shop door, and it got me thinking, daily in various media we often hear an attempt of coercion from the media to open our wallets and our hearts to the less fortunate, usually in a country far from our own.

Whilst I am not denigrating any notions of charity towards another nation, either from the Government or ourselves, It does worry me that there is more focus upon ventures offshore than helping those in need here at home.

Homelessness is something that honestly worries me, I’ve been fortunate enough in my life that I’ve never known what it is to not have a roof over my head, and the very notion of having to sleep rough whilst exposed to the elements as well as the inherent dangers of city night life, fills me with dread.

Which brings me to my main point, I believe that this is something that the Government should do something about, I am fully supportive of helping those in need, but perhaps the Government needs to remember and realise that there are people in need a lot closer to home. I honestly believe that there should never be a situation where you find yourself without a roof over your head.

Irrespective of any financial standing, a roof over your head is essential to every day life, and it saddens me to see people in that situation on a daily basis. Unfortunately this is something that we ourselves cannot do much about, barring giving someone a place to live, which the amount of us which would find that both a fiscal and a physical possibility is minute. It is therefore the task of councils and Governments to do something about it.  It is all well and good in helping the homeless on the other side of the planet, but what about those on our own doorstep? Do they not deserve our help and recognition also?

Whilst I can understand the political motivations for helping Country A ten thousand miles away, there must be some thought put by the Government into helping those less fortunate that ourselves on our own doorstep, only when we have  set up a manner in which we can help those in need upon our own shores, as well as those beyond them, can we say we truly stand to help the less fortunate.

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