Taking a break from the musings today and instead venturing out into the bold unknown. This the first time I have ever written anything like this for public consumption, I hope you enjoy it.

The Raven.


Standing amongst the shadows, hidden from sight,
A hood resting upon my head to shield me from the blinding light,
Hidden from prying eyes, hands clasped together in prayer,
Feeling without purpose, like a mute soothsayer,
A thousand thoughts, a million words,
Longing to be free, to fly amongst the birds,
But much like Icarus flying towards the Sun,
The dream shatters, hope plummets, and not a word is spoken, not one…

It is an odd dichotomy for one to be, silent yet spoken,
Calm yet chaotic, strong yet weak, complete yet broken,
I cannot calm the words that stir within,
The voices never subside, and the torment shall begin,
All I wish is to know, to understand,
Why I find myself a stranger in my own land,
My eyes full of emotion continue to betray,
Shattering the image that the heart wishes to portray…

An echo shatters the silence, awakening the night,
Hidden I remain, trying to shelter from the light,
The Storm rises  Lightning cracks along the sky,
My hood gets lowered to hide the tears I cry,
Hidden amongst the lingering shadows I stay,
Quietly hoping to sprout wings and fly away…

My mind is a tempest, a storm without end,
Always wondering, If into madness I descend,
An endless crescendo of whispers so distraught,
Filled of moments I had hoped time had forgot,
I try to make sense, to formulate a coherent line,
To make sense of this madness that’s eternally mine…

Words fail to have meaning unlike before,
As the sands of time descend upon me once more,
I raise my head up to the skies with regrets from the days of yore,
Holding a picture of my children, wondering what lies in store,
And once again I close my eyes as I did once before,
Trying to block out the mental chaos I clearly abhor,
And whisper the words of solace, from over a century old lore,
Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven – 09/01/2015 ©

sniper kitty


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