The fairytale

Each day brings new challenges and today is no different, once again I bring forth a poem, though in a different form.  Today being Valentine’s day, I’ve taken a risk and given what I’ve written below a slight twist, in the shape, of a perhaps unusual fairytale, but to the person this is dedicated to, my dear wife, Mrs NaraTae, it will have a world of meaning. Happy Valentine’s Day my darling, hope you enjoy this…

The Raven

The Fairytale

Allow me to sit here and begin to regale,
My very own story, a Valentine’s tale,
Of a wife who had found love,
And a husband who thought she was sent from above,
They treasured memories, and gave each other names,
Of both aviary and rodent fame,
It might seem silly now to look back and see,
but the truth of the matter is that she was right for me,
So here I sit, sermon in hand, akin to a priest from any religion,
and ready to tell you the story of a squirrel and a pigeon…

In a time of innocence, truth and love,
A young pigeon, flew in the skies above,
Seeking rest, due to a broken wing,
Landing on an branch, she heard a squirrel sing,
His words a crescendo of love and emotion,
An old heart, praying for eternal devotion,
As he sang their eyes slowly met,
A memory, a moment, he’ll never forget,
Together they sat, and tempted fate,
For in that instance, she had found her soul mate…

With words of devotion, and tales of love,
They left the nest and took to the skies above,
Building themselves a home upon a rocky perch,
The summer of love, a wedding began, though not in a church,
Vows were made, rings were exchanged, a kiss shared,
The squirrel overjoyed with the wife for who so much he cared,
A hatchling came along, and everything was great,
But it seems his words, had tempted the cruel mistress that is fate…

Pain occurred, and things went askew,
Sorrow in their hearts, as lives began anew,
The separation was at times, too much to bear,
Because underneath it all, they did truly care,
Always in contact, because of their young brood,
Things began to take shape, for Cupid was in the mood,
And so it began, to flow once more,
As they kissed under the kitchen door,
The time had come once again, for a love so true,
So once more they shared a nest, as things began anew…

Three little hatchlings now, and two little pets,
Living a joyful life, with few regrets,
Hoping to marry again once more,
As the love between them flows like never before,
Who knows what just surprises life truly brings,
Yet the hatchlings tweet, the pigeon chirps and the squirrel still sings,
There we have it, thus brings the end, of the story I regale,
of the little hatchlings, a pigeon, and a squirrel with a bushy tail,
There will be more stories to write, but that is the end for today,
To the Pigeon, from her Squirrel, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by The Raven – 11/02/2015


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