A New Challenge Arises

These past couple of weeks I’ve been having some conversations with my oldest daughter in regards to her desires to write a book of her own.  Seeing my eldest progeny sharing the same interest in writing that flows through her father has given me a new lease on life.

Last week was spent brainstorming a plethora of ideas and writing them down in her very own little book.  Excitement between us has reached fever pitch as we are drawing nearer to the moment when we begin to write our little tale.

There has been discussions of Superheroes, butterflies, flowers, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, all in the name of deciding which would be the most suitable protagonist, and which would be the most suitable setting.  Hopefully, a decision shall be made within the next couple of weeks.

The purpose of this conjoined literal masterpiece in the making, is not so much in the book itself, but what it can be perceived as by my daughter, and the lessons she can learn from it.  Through this project I am hoping that not only will she develop her literacy and reading skills, but that she will ascertain that dreams can become reality through sheer hard work and dedication. Part of the problem with today’s society is the sense of entitlement that permeates through it. The media teaches the general populous that merely desiring your dreams should be enough to achieve them, and the general populous then become disenchanted when, without the hard work, the dream fails to materialise.

This is the lesson I am hoping to impart to my daughter through this project, that her dreams can be achievable, but that to achieve anything in life, she must be willing to put in the hard work and dedication required. From an artistic perspective, this will also give her a chance to express her creativity, both through storytelling and through drawing and colouring in her settings and her characters.  Currently, I uphold the belief that the entire process of the project, from brainstorming, to writing, to drawing, to printing, to the cover and then to completion, will be incredibly beneficial to my daughter’s development and creative expression.

As a child, I developed a sense of entitlement, which unfortunately cost me fiscally, as well as in terms of my education.  The worst thing is, that this continued to the early years of my adult life, and it was only towards my late twenties that I began to develop a realisation of just how much that feeling of entitlement has cost me in life.  As a young teen, I was subjected to a IQ test by a professional, which showed me to have an IQ of 130, yet despite the high IQ, I have achieved nothing near what I should have.  I faced exams, and life in general, with a sense of both entitlement, and a mindset that my intelligence was too high to allow me to fail, that I did not require to be studious as others, because I was smarter than they could ever hope to be.

This arrogance cost me, I underachieved continually in my education, family members were frustrated when I was given chance after chance, yet still continued to under perform, despite their hopes for me and my development. This mindset has cost me so much over the years, which Is why I find this project with my daughter so vital.  I am hopeful that this will educate her to be mindful, work hard, and to realise that we are entitled to nothing, but that everything that we desire fiscally, career wise, and dream wise, comes through perseverance, preparation and dedication. This project will also show her, that if the aforementioned three qualities are displayed and used correctly, that she can see her dreams through to fruition.

Unfortunately I learnt my lesson far too late to be able to rectify fully the error of my youthful ways, however I am determined that my progeny will learn from my countless errors, and therefore not succumb to them, and therein achieve the desires and dreams that their capabilities deserve, and not spend their adult lives, riddled with regret and wishing that they had not fallen to the arrogance and folly of youth as I once did.

So as the icy touch of winter recedes, and the songs of spring creep ever closer, father and daughter shall look towards the horizon, and see their phoenix rise from the ashes, to fly high above in the clouds, and head towards the sun…

Challenge yourselves,

The Raven

sniper kitty


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