The Viper, The Raven And The Sword of Damocles

About ten days ago, I mentioned about composing a poem based on abuse I had suffered in the past, as promised here is the poem in question, I hope you all enjoy it. I know it is not to my usual descriptive style, I found it harder this time to reign in my emotions for this piece, hopefully some of the emotion that went into writing this, is conveyed within the poem.

Until next time,
The Raven

The Viper, The Raven And The Sword Of Damocles

The sword of Damocles lies above my head,
Doing the right thing began with elation, now leaves only dread,
I had thought I had made the right choice,
Painful screams replace what once was my voice,
Thirty two lashes across the small of my back had been felt,
My body still in shock from the pain I’ve been dealt,
Struggling to process this all in my mind,
The truth seems to have been lost, and pain is all I find,
My hands still shaking from the shock,
And for a moment I contemplate jumping off the famous Rock…

Confusion reigns supreme, pondering the crime I’ve committed,
I’d been lead to believe that telling the truth would always get you acquitted,
My decision had been a virtuous and honest one,
Yet in the blink of an eye, my honour, my dignity had been undone,
No longer could I save the two that I held so dear,
Knowing the lines had been drawn, and we’d never once again be near,
Broken hearted yet duplicitous because of fear,
Trying to fight back, to resist the tear,
Refusing to show how I’ve been affected by this,
Yet at the same time wishing for death’s eternal kiss…

Damocles sword hangs once again up above,
raising my hand, trying to believe that pain is love,
My eyes firmly on the blade, hoping it drops down,
So that I no longer have to cry the tears of a clown,
Whilst standing tall over the precipice, next to a fire,
Pondering whether to drop down and be consumed as a liar,
Because of me, the viper had slithered away,
Living to strike, bite and abuse another victim on another day…

For years I cried, and prayed for forgiveness,
Though I was forgiven, I cannot put to rest my frustrating weakness,
My inability, my failure to find courage, to protect, to be brave,
Caused them so much pain and almost dug my own grave,
I was young and afraid, beaten until I lied, and so fear began to dwell,
With fear came anger, and like a phoenix it rose, granting the strength to rebel,
Rebellion was ineffective, and yet I still hid the truth,
Therein lay my weakness, for that fear dominated my youth…

I look back now and wonder what I could have done,
Had I stood tall, and told the truth, would justice have been done?
Or would young words not have been heard,
And free would he have remained, like a bird?
At least they would have been, like always, by my side,
My heart certainly would have burst with pride,
For I would have done the right thing,
In my mind, the sun would have risen and the birds would sing,
Instead I lived with fear, anger and regret,
All because of a beating I can never forget…

Damocles sword still dangles, and the fire does not burn,
A resolution for all this, for my redemption, I still yearn,
I fear bringing up the decades old past,
For the fear that retribution, redemption and justice may not last,
The viper still slithers, roaming free, moving around,
My heart still desires to crush its head under foot, into the ground,
Never to prey, never to strike or abuse any more,
To act, as I should have decades before,
Yet to act now would be fallacy, and any victory would be hollow,
Patient I must be, the law I must observe, there’s a logic I must follow,
The viper might run free, but I will not be consumed,
Every dog has its day, and every sin must be exhumed,
For the when the sword of Damocles drops and is mine to hold,
On the viper the shadow will fall, and the truth shall be told,
And in the sands of time, the keeper of secrets will allow the ether to pour,
The words shall be spoken, the viper will remain hidden no more,
All shall see how shallow the preacher truly is,
Damnation, suffering, anguish and shame shall be his,
And Whilst the viper, wallows, cowers and whiles away the hours,
Forever the world, and the viper shall know, that truth and victory was ours,
The Viper’s bite, for a while, may indeed sting,
But the sun will rise, the birds will sing,
The pain will die out, we shall not suffer as we once did,
For the Raven appears from the place wherein it hid,
Its cold eyes focused on the viper, swoops round and encircles once more,
lands on Damocles sword, and with a stern voice quoths, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  18/04/2015 ©

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