Holiday Trepidation And Updates

It’s that time of year again, and this time around I find myself full of trepidation. Usually during this time of year, my family and I go off on a four to five day holiday, which we mostly enjoy. Last year we went to one of my favourite places we’ve visited so far, but despite the brilliant holiday, it was also one of the worst in recent memory.

For in the middle of my holiday I found out that my cat and gone missing, and was separated from us for eight days. Those were some of the worst days of my life in recent memory. I was distraught, for all of those eight days, I spent most of my waking moments searching for my cat, thankfully we found him eight days later, yet however, now I find myself nervous at the thought of another holiday.

This time around, we have a family member taking care of my pets and I’m hopeful that everything will be going well and I will return to both pets taken well care of. Yet a part of me is still full of trepidation, mainly due to memories of last year being clearly evoked whenever I consider the fact that I am going on holiday.

However this is not the sole reason for my anxiety, holidays in themselves have always set me with trepidation, usually, the anticipation pretty much over hypes the holiday, and the holiday itself never quite matches the hype.

Trepidation aside, there are some more updates to be given in regards to my current situation. As it stands with the blog, the focus will still be more poetry and musing related going forward, and I’m hopeful that by varying between musings and poetry that I will be able to keep up the same level of emotional expression shown so far.  The autism book is currently going well and should hopefully be complete within the next few weeks, I’ll post an update with more information regarding the book in the future.

That aside, I am also looking into the possibility of getting involved with charity work once again, it is in a very preliminary stage right now but I’ll be posting further updates regarding this as soon as they are available. Hopefully this holiday will go by without any worries and I’ll be back with some poetry in a few days time.

Until next time,

The Raven

sniper kitty


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