Pack Mentality

These past couple of weeks I’ve borne witness to the effects of hearsay and malice can have on the human  psyche. To see accusations based in nothing but imagination given voice to cause discord and pain was frustrating. It lead me to ponder why we as humans, with more knowledge at our fingertips than ever before, continue to partake in such a foolish pastime.

I can never understand how the educated still act without putting thought to their actions or due diligence. All these pseudo-intellectuals pronounce their scholastic education from the rooftops yet continue to make the most illogically foolish and thoughtless decisions often without a sense of irony.

To ponder such actions is to understand the manner in which societal circles function. Ironically enough, the idiocy shared by one member of a societal circle , is entirely accepted by the rest of the societal circle and considered as fact, often without a second thought. Considering that we are often encouraged to question everything during our education, would this factor of societal circles not contradict everything that we have been taught?

These actions in turn drive me to draw comparisons between societal circles and pack behaviour. Animals such as wolves, hyenas and dogs tend to have a pack mentality wherein the entire pack will follow the lead of the alpha. In societal circles for humans, the same occurs, a “alpha” is selected naturally and the rest will follow the alpha’s lead, often without question or second thought.

Science tells us that we are more advanced than animals, that we have developed cognitive thought and therefore can differentiate our behaviours, and act with intent and consideration rather than on instinct, so if that is the case, why is it that therefore we still resort to the animalistic mentality and social engineering which we should by all rights, be intellectually above because of cognitive thought?

Societal pressures do often require us to act upon and display only certain parts of our personalities, merely just to be able to fit in with the confines of our societal environment, however this does not mean that we reduce ourselves to a pack mentality, and that we do not therefore consider our actions with the proper thought and weight that they require in order to please the rest of the pack.

Until we allow ourselves to evolve beyond this societal mentality, until we allow ourselves to accept the opinions, experiences and decisions of others, we can never truly evolve nor consider ourselves a knowledgeable society, but rather a foolish and uneducated one. For truly, what is worse, lacking the knowledge to be able to make informed and intellectual decisions and making foolish ones, or having that knowledge at your fingertips and still making the foolish decisions every single time? Think about it, it will do you a world of good.

Until next time,

The Raven

sniper kitty


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