A Raven Reborn

The inspiration for this poem came from a dream I had two nights ago, whilst the dream highlighted a personal circumstance that awaits me in little over a week, I did feel the theme of it would make for quite an interesting continuation upon the Raven series of poems, hope you all enjoy it.

Until next time,
The Raven

A Raven Reborn

The epitaph of the Raven echoes amongst the stone hall,
What were once cries, are now whispers, forming the Raven’s call,
Silence falls, as the people are beckoned by a flickering flame,
As death weakens hearts and hardens blame,
The procession gathers, surrounding the crematorium,
As the flock watches from within the cosmic auditorium,
Singled out they have, one of their own,
Although to him, this remains yet unknown…

He stands solemn, covered in black, visage adorned by a raven’s mask,
a white raven upon his heart, as the heat of the flame puts him to task,
Slowly but surely, death descends into the crackling fire,
Pondering whether it should be his remains upon the funeral pyre,
As death is consumed, he turns to the one that is nearest,
Removing the white raven from his heart, and hands it to his dearest,
Black smoke, emanates as a pillar from the ground,
And where a man once stood, a Raven is now found…

The Raven takes flight, consumed by its heart’s desire,
A visceral call is released, building into a crescendo as he flies into the fire,
The procession dissipates, struggling to explain,
The inner workings of the Raven’s seemingly suicidal brain,
Time goes by, and morning turns to night, as shadows fall,
As the Reapers emerge to serve the ones who answered death’s call,
Slowly, the ashes are swept into a golden locket,
With a small scythe, removed from a cloaked pocket,
One of the ashes ascends into the air, seemingly searching for an arch to adorn,
Thunder, lightning and chaos ensues, and the Raven is reborn,
Wings spread, and a visceral call echoes once more,
As the Raven takes flight into the sunset, to be seen, nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  12/05/2015 ©


2 thoughts on “A Raven Reborn”

    1. Thanks prima 🙂 God willing hopefully I will be published in the future 🙂 YA long road lies ahead but hopefully bright skies await at the end of this tunnel 🙂 xx

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