A Eulogy To My Unborn Angel

Allow me to share with you perhaps the most personal moment that I have ever shared here. Today at 9am UK time, is the cremation of my unborn child. This eulogy is something that I will be reading during the service. This is dedicated to my unborn child, and to my darling wife, Mrs Raven, who is sharing this pain with me.

Until next time,
The Raven

A Eulogy To My Unborn Angel

We all have our crosses to bear,
And In a few short seconds, I went from hope to despair,
I never believed I would ever mourn,
Your death before you had even been born,
My Angel, my little bundle of joy,
How I wish I could hold you or give you your first toy,
Instead I find myself here today saying goodbye,
With tears of sorrow that I continually cry,
You have been loved since conception,
And you’ve departed even before inception,
As you have been laid down to sleep,
I know the Lord your soul will keep,
Keep Daddy’s words in your heart my angel, for they are true,
For until the day I die, Daddy will forever love, and miss you…

Rest in Peace little Angel

Written by The Raven –  06/05/2015 ©


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