Society And Depression

There are no tales to be told that can fully define the difficulty that I encountered within myself with the publishing of my struggles with depression. Usually I ensure that whatever struggles i have to face, I face them alone, internally, and without consultation from any other than my own thoughts, so for me to elaborate so openly was certainly a rarity.

Emotionally however, sharing this information has not given me the comfort I had assumed I would find from opening up about my struggles. Truth be told, I felt exactly the same as I did before I wrote it. As odd as it sounds, I struggle to be able to let go of any of the heartache that I have dealt with in the past, meaning that speaking or writing about, makes little to no difference.

The point of the posts however, was to show people, who find themselves in similar situations to mine, that there is hope, there is something to fight for, to survive for. I live in an area wherein suicide is almost a monthly occurrence, and that is just at that specific train station alone.  Depression it seems, is something that is rather common in today’s society, yet something that is not discussed at great length by society in general.

Depression is something that is oft misunderstood in my opinion, just because of how hard it can be to quantify just how much the person is struggling, because the majority of the struggle and strife is internal, and only noticeable when the person suffering from depression either states as much, or their struggle is so great that it begins to show physically.

Suicide, is the result of the inability of the person to be able to set themselves free from their struggle with depression, to reach a point where life is so bleak, that death is the only escape, the only solution, is a heartbreaking tragedy. Having been at this point previously on a few occasions, I cannot state enough just how desperate a time it becomes for someone suffering with depression, when suicide seems the only solution.

Due to the lonely nature of depression, there is no solution that I can think of that can of that can be implemented. For all the benefits that today’s society brings, the truth is that it is also a very high pressured way of life, from any and all angles.  From struggling to make ends meet, to the stresses of a highly paid job, to the societal pressures of romance or even social acceptance, it is a relentless amount of pressure that is applied to us on a daily basis. For some, that pressure becomes to great to deal with, and in the worst case scenario, this leads to suicide.

This might be simplifying things somewhat, but perhaps the best thing that we can do as a society is to develop an awareness and understanding of the nature of both suicide and depression.  There is a general acceptance of depression in today’s society but very little knowledge of what it truly entails, and how quickly it can encompass your life.  Perhaps the best way forward, is to merely highlight the support that there is on offer from a medical and psychological perspective, and to provide greater funding and assistance to these services to ensure that they can provide the most effective service. The onus therefore is upon the local government to ensure that the taxpayers money is used less on electoral legacy projects and more on the services that are vital in today’s society. Otherwise, until then, the continual stream of monthly suicides at my local train station, will be a staple fixture on the news, another obituary to add, to an ever increasing, tragic total.

Until next time,
The Raven


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