The Raven’s Epitaph

Today’s continuation of the Raven’s Tales, covers my struggle with depression as well as my continual struggle to come to terms with the loss of my little Angel.  Recently I have been plagued by dreams where things were somehow different, where I was able to change things for the better, but upon awakening, I find everything stays as it is. Today’s continuation of the Raven’s Tales, covers that realisation and the harsh feeling knowing that time goes by, and that the past can never truly be altered, no matter how much we wish it so.

Until next time,
The Raven

The Raven’s Epitaph

The Flock is calling me, and I must return,
To impart the words, that all must learn,
Spoken within the darkest moment of night,
In silent contemplation, and fear of the morning light,
I must arrive once more, at the darkened cave,
And hitherto write the epitaph upon my own grave…

In the darkened cave, sits a hollowed cove,
Hidden behind death’s shallow grove,
Venturing inside leads you to a solemn stone,
Whereupon a Raven’s feather can be found alone,
Herein sits the Raven, when time stands still,
For when time awakens, his echo, will the caverns fill…

The Flock arrives first and prepares the way,
For when the Raven comes, night never becomes day,
It is in the darkness that the Raven must speak,
For light consumes the words and renders them weak,
The Raven’s words are conscience to the darkened few,
Who more sorrow than joy in their lives knew…

“Into the stone I shall carve the word,
That like a unspoken secret must never be heard,
Darkness breeds in the lonesome soul,
Try as they might to heal, the wound never becomes whole,
Tears and shadows may fall,
Yet only the select few will answer the call,
Try as they might, to find this accursed rock,
Only one in each millennium, may join my Flock,
Chosen was I, to lead the light,
To forever cross the realms, in the darkness of night…”

“Upon my grave I carve a single word,
The one which within my call, is heard,
Never do I grow weary like once before,
I had never expected what this had in store,
The transformation is now complete,
At last awakened have I, to the silent heartbeat,
Each night I revisit, that consuming fire,
For The Wilted Rose, I still desire,
Hoping for change from the days gone past,
But those events will for ever last,
Upon my epitaph sits a word spoken once before,
The grave, and the past, will change, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  12/07/2015 ©


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