The Raven And The Rock

Today’s edition of the Raven Tales covers a time in my past wherein people I cared about underwent a very difficult time. Obviously whilst I won’t divulge any details out of respect for them, below is how I feel about the entire situation.

The Raven And The Rock

I stand upon the precipice between dreams and reality,
Flying through the shadows of cosmic duality,
To many, a harbringer of doom, a bringer of sorrow,
A sign, that there will be no tomorrow,
My gaze turns towards a monolithic Rock,
As a nightmare transcends into shock,
Dawn brings no light to those below,
As the presence of fear begins to grow…

Bones scattered across the silver shore,
Remnants of centuries of war,
Demarcating where good men fell,
And became twisted, evil servants of hell.
Where childish innocence is broken,
And of harrowing abuse, not a word is spoken,
Bound they have become, like trapped prey,
To the horrors that their minds continue to replay…

The horrors endured plagues the mind,
Tormented by a protector, morally blind,
And so as The Raven I wait,
Until the sands of time bring his fate,
The Harbringer of Doom shall extend a claw,
And drop the fallen protector upon the abyssal maw…

The Raven looks into tearful eyes,
And listens to the silent cries,
The fallen protector must answer to the Flock,
His cries of innocence they shall openly mock,
Until The Raven spreads his wings,
And the cries of innocence he no longer sings,
For then The Raven will look as he has before,
Saying “The innocents you shall harm, nevermore…”

Written by The Raven –  12/08/2015 ©


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