The Raven And The Sands Of Time

Today’s edition of the Raven’s Tales covers my continual struggle with the anguish of the miscarriage that we endured and suffered through four months ago. Although time has passed, the pain still is a constant reminder for me of what was lost, and still feels quite raw.

The Raven And The Sands Of Time

As the darkness descends upon the stormy night,
The Raven stretches its wings and takes flight,
His eyes slowly glancing upon the earth below,
Watching the lowly creatures bask in the moonlight’s glow,
Hidden from all eyes by the clouds in the sky,
In peace and solitude, in freedom, he does fly…

Thunder and lightning echo through the darkened night,
A deafening roar followed by blinding light,
The Raven descends towards the caves below,
Its soaked feathers glistening in the moonlight’s glow,
Finding shelter within a flickering cave,
Resting silently upon a protruding stave…

The flickering catches The Raven’s attention anew,
As the realities begin to bend and become askew,
Hidden in the centre amongst the fragments of reality,
Stands the cause of the flickering abnormality,
The hourglass of time containing the flowing sand,
Cracked, and slowly seeping upon the damp land…

The Raven flies into the centre of the fragmented reality,
Travelling through the cosmos with a singular mentality,
Arriving quickly to where the Rose had wilted once before,
Reliving the pain and anguish he suffered once more,
Tilting his head as he listens to the call of the Flock,
He takes flight and lands once again upon the monolithic Rock,
Opening his beak, his thoughts become manifest in word,
And even in the stormy night his echo is heard,
“My pain is constant, like the waves that crash upon the shore,
Quoth The Raven, Nevermore…”

Written by The Raven –  05/09/2015 ©


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