Comic Books And Comic Con

As some of you here might know, I am an avid gamer, I am also a fan of comic books and superheroes. Today I was able to indulge myself, along with my family, into the joy of all three combined, Comic Con. This was my fourth comic con in total, the first however, with my family in tow.

I must admit after being accustomed to going with my friends and sibling, I was wondering just how different the experience would be, and whether I had oversold it to my family as a result of being blinded by the joy of a guys day out in previous occasions.  Thankfully, my worries and concerns were severely misplaced.

My children (especially my autistic son) absolutely loved everything that comic con had to offer. From seeing the scores of people dressed in various forms of cosplay, to the stalls available, to the sheer amount of interactive sets like the Dalek, and the Star Wars photo opportunity.  It is hard to explain the sheer bliss etched in my the faces of my children as they witnessed their favourite superheroes and Disney characters come to life and walking amongst them.

After comic con, we headed towards a popular comic book store, which the kids indulged themselves in choosing their favourite comics to purchase before we decided to head home. I have always thought that comic books were a perfect way to introduce children to the joys of reading as a leisurely activity, and as soon as we arrived home, they wanted nothing more than to read their comics, which I was more than happy to indulge.

Whilst I understand that for some people, comic books and comic con might seem and odd choice for a day out, especially for an adult, the truth is that it is quite the enjoyable experience. I see no issue with enjoying events of this nature. It is a fun, friendly and harmless activity to indulge in, both as adults and as children. Some of the costumes on show were truly works of art, and it is fun to see that such a vibrant subculture, which in essence encourages children to read and be artistic, is positively thriving.

My children are already looking forward to the next comic con, even so far as to pondering which costumes they will wear next time around.  They have enquired as to whether I will join them by wearing a costume. In all honesty that is yet to be decided, as I am both uncertain as to which character I would consider,  and whether any costume at all would befit me. Either way, It will certainly be a fun experience.

Until next time,

The Raven


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