Tombstone’s Biography

Today I’ve chosen to focus on a different aspect of my poetry. I’m currently in the process of developing further characters for the Raven mythology, so today’s poem is going to be one based on my own personal strife in perhaps a far more direct way than I usually do with the Raven Tales. I hope to be returning to the Raven Tales soon, but I do not wish to do a disservice to them and wish to flesh out the new character fully before I begin to introduce it. Anyway, this poem today is about the internal struggles that I deal with in regards to pain I have carried within me for years, and my struggles to carry it and the hope for a resolution to it eventually, I hope you will enjoy it.

Until next time,

The Raven

Tombstone Biography

I feel like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
Continuously burned by a fire that smoulders,
Never quite understanding the role I find myself in,
A mindless pauper saddled with the thoughts of a king,
And as shadows fall and dreams appear,
I found myself surrounded by continual fear,
The nights hold no respite for the voices in my head,
Picking at scars that have already bled…

Sitting on a grave outside a local church,
Eyeing a Raven looking for a perch,
For years identifying with the black feathered bird,
Of whom mythology has written many a word,
An odd thing to look upon my very own iconography,
Pondering the future words upon my tombstone’s biography,
Will I remembered as a saint or as a sinner,
A successful man or a loser rather than a winner…

Tormented by the ghosts of memories long past,
Silently wondering how long the pain will last,
Incredulous about the suffering since the days of yore,
Downtrodden whilst facing my own internal war,
Feeling as if my soul is in a state of rot,
Trying to remain calm whilst losing the plot,
All I dream of is respite from the pain I abhor,
The bell tolls, the Flock calls and like once before,
Shall raise my eyes unto the night sky once more,
And Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  31/10/2015 ©


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