Blizzcon – The Legion Is Coming

As some of you gamers may be aware, today is Blizzcon, Blizzard’s annual conference regarding all of their games. Today saw the release of the Warcraft Movie trailer, and the World of Warcraft: Legion cinematic trailer.

As a former World of Warcraft player, I find myself in a bit of a gaming conundrum. The cinematic for Legion is frankly amazing, easily the best cinematic that WoW and Blizzard have ever produced, both in terms of the story told and the graphical side of things. Graphically, it is a thing of beauty, the attention to detail on the characters is astounding, and jaw dropping. Story wise, I feel it sets things up nicely for the upcoming release of Legion next year.

However, my main concern is that the cinematic might be far superior to the content that it is trying to advertise and entice you with. I am intrigued from a storyline perspective, but from a game play perspective, I feel that Star Wars: The Old Republic (another mmo) is more enjoyable, and frankly, better. This is quite saddening to me, as a fan of both games, as I would like to see them both succeed.

World of Warcraft is in a troubling state at the moment, with subscriptions at it’s lowest since before the release of the first ever expansion, The Burning Crusade, and the eleven month delay between announcement and release could be quite damaging to the subscription numbers, and the game in general. That aside, the cinematic itself is certainly something worth watching in itself, it is an absolute masterpiece.

The trailer for the Warcraft movie was quite intriguing, seeing some of my favourite lore characters and epochs within Warcraft lore appearing was quite the exciting prospect for me. I only hope that unlike most movies based on video games, that it will be both successful, and of good quality in terms of storyline and character depth.

I won’t be covering much of the changes to World of Warcraft since I feel that sites like MMO-Champion will already have that well covered, what I will give in the next few days, is my opinion on some of the major changes and whether I believe they will be a success or not.  I honestly really hope that they do well, and that Legion turns out to be thoroughly engrossing from both a lore and game play perspective. I would usually say the numbers will confirm it eventually, but Blizzard have chosen not to publish subscription numbers any more, which makes me worry about the health of the game, and makes me wonder just how far they fear that the subscription numbers will drop.

As Blizzcon kicks on, new information will be revealed, and hopefully we will be able to learn so much more about the upcoming changes to World of Warcraft, as well as for the other Blizzard games, including Overwatch. Either way, I’ve taken the liberty of linking both cinematic trailers below for your enjoyment, because both of them are certainly worth watching.

Until next time,

The Raven

*Both videos linked here and the characters and contents within the videos are the exclusive property of Blizzard Entertainment


2 thoughts on “Blizzcon – The Legion Is Coming”

    1. I think interest will increase closer towards the release of the expansion, however I worry that the interest will not be sustained. Interest always increases during new expansions but then dies down again a couple of months after release.

      I just wonder how much damage the 10 month gap between now and release will be. Legion seems quite a good expansion based on what’s known so far, but after Warlords of Draenor, and the constant loss of subs, whether it will be good enough to revive interest in wow remains to be seen…

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