Firstly I would like to extend my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the people of Paris during this absolutely horrific time that they are going through. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, this is the last I will speak of the Paris events, out of respect to the Parisians and all those who unfortunately are no longer with us because of this mindless act of violence.

I had hoped to have written about the changes mentioned to the classes in Blizzcon, but instead I shall wait for further developments and class blogs, so that I can give a more rounded view of my perceptions to the upcoming changes in Legion.

Today’s post will be a rather larger collection of thoughts and musings than anything, an update to be honest. I’m still in the process of fleshing out the new character for the Raven Tales, I’m trying to find the right tone in which to present the character as, and in the right moment.

The autism book is still in development, there are areas where I feel I could improve upon and expand upon slightly now that my son has his diagnosis.  The things I have learnt recently since the diagnosis would be quite interesting to add into the autism book.

My daughter and I finished the transcript of the book we sought to write, as of now, we are searching for the right medium to be able to present it either for sale, or even for her benefit or as a keepsake. It all really depends on just how well we can continue to develop the finer details of the book.

As things stand, hopefully there will be a couple of Raven Tales pieces coming up soon, I’m trying to hopefully set the scene for the appearance of the new character in a couple of pieces before the character is introduced.

The next post will hopefully be a Raven Tales one. To those of you who wish to hear my thoughts on the upcoming changes in Legion, please be patient, as soon as Blizzard gives further details on their plans for the classes and indeed, the reasoning behind the introduction of Gnome Hunters, I will be providing my thoughts on the matter.

Until next time,
The Raven


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