The Sleeping Lion

Now normally I avoid these kind of topics due to the sensitive nature of them, but in the wake of the terrible tragedies of Paris and Mali, I felt as if I should address how I feel about these terrorist campaigns, and add my voice to the countless other voices in the ether. I’ve deviated slightly from my usual verbiage and decided to keep my message both simplistic and direct. I hope you all enjoy it.

Until next time,

The Raven

The Sleeping Lion

Your hatred and fear can never be spread,
No matter how many souls lay dead,
Within us burns the spark of hope,
Allowing us all to continually cope,
Making this all about religion and fear,
But allow me to make this absolutely clear,
You say you bring hatred and war,
No deity would want you any more,
Bombs and bullets may shed blood on the street,
But our love and compassion has you beat…

You cannot win, this foolish campaign,
So allow the message to sink into your brain,
Allow me to give you a lesson learnt in the past.
Your evil may exist but it will never last,
Humanity has faced greater evils than you,
They’ve come and gone, yet we still stand true,
You consider yourself a great threat,
But the truth is we’re hardly breaking a sweat…

Life will go on as it did once more,
Hatred has never managed to beat us before,
Many tears have been shed,
As we have mourned our dead,
But please make sure you understand,
We stand here united, hand in hand,
You may try to rule with a fist of iron,
But you’ve awakened a sleeping lion,
Soon, you’ll be a faded memory from the past,
For our love and compassion will last,
And when it is all said and done,
We will stand holding a flower, instead of a gun…

Written by The Raven –  20/11/2015 ©


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