The Raven And The Robin

This following addition of The Raven’s Tales is a one that has piqued my interest in terms of the challenges it has presented. Much like before, it will be covering the miscarriage suffered by wife six months ago, however this will not be about my feelings regarding that miscarriage, but that of my six year old daughter.

In a recent conversation with my six year old daughter, she expressed her feelings regarding the miscarriage and how she wished she could express them in a poetic form, much like I have. Upon further conversing with her, I offered to write one from her perspective, and spent hours discussing both her emotions regarding the matter and how she wished to be presented. So, for what now is a singular appearance, I would like to introduce my six year old’s character for this addition of The Raven’s Tales, The Robin. I hope you all enjoy this latest addition to The Raven’s Tales.

Until next time,
The Raven

The Raven And The Robin

Amidst the howling winds of a viscous storm,
A bitter sweet, tearful song begins to take form,
Echoing amidst the roaring thunder,
Eschewing all The Raven’s thoughts asunder,
As the melodious sound continues to grow,
The Raven takes flight towards the graveyard below…

Perched upon an unnamed tombstone below,
Sits a Robin whose song continues to flow,
The Raven descends and lands upon the muddied ground,
Nearby to wherein The Robin was found,
Lifting his head up towards the lightning touched sky,
Pitying The Robin with feathers so soaked she cannot fly,
Her eyes focused as she stood in a regal pose,
Towards the monument of an Angel, Cradle and Wilted Rose…

Looking at the monument, The Raven lowers his head,
Silent anguish as he mourns the dead,
At this moment the melodious sound forms a chorus of words,
Heard by all, from the stars, to the carrion, to the birds,
What was expected to be the song of the morning,
Instead became a song of anguished mourning,
“Allow me to mourn my loss in melodious prose,
As I bring my tears before the Angel, Cradle and Wilted Rose,
I cannot understand the loss that I truly feel,
But I do know that it hurts and It’s very much real,
Mourning that which I never knew,
Yet whose loss still turned my world askew,
So allow me to pay my respects to the mourned dead,
For the memory will always live in my heart, and head…”

Filled with anguish and tears anew,
The Raven turned towards The Robin and spoke words so few,
Flesh turned to ashes as our tears did flow,
Our anguish will lessen but our memory will grow,
We may no longer weep like once before,
Gone but not forgotten, Quoth The Raven, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  25/11/2015 ©



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