The Force Has Awakened

The Force has awakened. A new cadre of stars have arisen from the ashes of a dormant phoenix. Star wars The Force Awakens has been released today to rave critic reviews. There are some spoilers around online that, if they are to be believed, and no, I will not link to them or indeed mention them here, it seems they have taken some aspects from the post Return of the Jedi lore and books, and adapted them to suit the narrative they wished to tell.

I think that this has been a smart move by Disney, as it doesn’t quite completely alienate all the lore that continues from Return of the Jedi. All of that lore is now considered part of the legends continuity and non-canon. However, that being said, they have taken parts of the lore that preceded the movies and adapted and incorporated it into their lore. Such examples of this can be seen in Rebels and in the new movie itself (apparently).

This is a smart move by Disney, since frankly, some of the stories, characters and plots in the legends continuity far exceeds from a writing, character and plot standpoint, anything conjured up by the movies. Perfect examples of this would be the stories of Revan, Darth Bane, Thrawn, Darth Plagueis, even the pre prequel trilogy lore concerning Darth Sidious.

Personally I was never a big fan of the Post Return of the Jedi lore, I found it implausible that Luke Skywalker, albeit despite being the most powerful force user ever (according to Legends continuity) in terms of force potential, would be able to reach the levels he did with no formal training what so ever. Some of the powers achieved in the New Jedi Order lore is ridiculous, and it all seemed to me just  quite disjointed and without any restraint. The biggest bug bear for me in that regards, was that Luke pretty much dismisses all the old Jedi Order rules about attachments and love just so he could get married and have kids, and don’t get me started on Boba Fett and Darth Krayt.

There’s some of the Old Republic lore as well that doesn’t particularly sit well with me either. The notion of the Brotherhood of Darkness which Bane thankfully eliminated was a perplexing one. The idea as well that some old force user aeons ago predicted the fall of the Skywalker family as well was a little bit frustrating as well.

Either way, if the critic reviews are to be believed, and I can’t judge because I am yet to see the movie myself, this might be the shot in the arm that Star Wars needed. What made the series like Rebels and The Clone Wars so well received was the attention paid to the narrative as well as the characters within the series, both minor and major. From what I have heard, The Force Awakens sticks to this kind of storytelling and this will in no doubt serve the series well.  Here’s hoping this continues. I will hopefully be seeing the movie sometime soon, and will then post my thoughts on the plot, as well as the movie itself in  the future. So whether you are Jedi or Sith, Light or Dark side, May the Force be with you…

Until next time,
The Raven


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