The Force Awakens Review

Yesterday, I finally managed to watch Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens, and I have to say, that I absolutely loved it, easily the best movie of the series by far. Far better than any of the prequels and indeed, as much as people are going to slate me for this, better than any of the original trilogy movies as well.

Naturally there are still some questions yet to be answered but that is to be expected, considering that there are still two more movies to come out of this (at the very least). To give a more balanced review, I’ll section this into three quadrants, one regarding my thoughts on the movie, one regarding the questions left to answer, and finally one of my thoughts regarding the possible lore developments that will come off this.


  • Kylo Ren is quite the interesting villain. The movie clearly shows his devotion to the dark side whilst also his struggles with the light. The depiction of the character as just a normal human with internal struggles as well as trying to live up to a family legacy was a very nice touch in my opinion and gives a lot of possibilities for character development.
  • Staying on Kylo Ren, it’s nice to see his characterisation is based upon some of the now non-canon Star Wars lore, there are definite and clear inspiration from Jacen Solo within the Kylo Renn character.
  • The same can be said for Finn, if I recall correctly, Han Solo was in the Imperial Academy before being a smuggler, Finn seems to have followed a similar route.
  • Rey is an interesting character who as with Finn, has yet to show us much depth as a character, but then the same can be said of both Luke and Anakin at the start, there is definitely potential to the character, especially when it comes to the revelation of her lineage in the future films.
  • Luke being in the unknown regions seems to be an homage to characters from the Old Republic like Revan. I thought it was quite a nice touch, I like that they have had Kylo form his saber from plans that existed in Malachor, it links the Old Republic with the current lore, and it seems that Disney have not quite disregarded the old lore, but merely given themselves room to expand beyond the limitations of the current lore.


  • Kylo Ren seems obsessed with Vader, does this mean that he’ll follow the path of Anakin and eventually find redemption? Or was his killing of his father a step from which his transformation to the dark side was complete?
  • Rey is clearly force sensitive, but who’s her family? It could not be Leia and Han since I would naturally assume that Leia and Han would recognise their own child. Could she be a Skywalker? Possibly but wouldn’t have Ren recognised his own cousin? Could she be the daughter of Obi Wan Kenobi? Age and location that seems to put that possibility to rest. Could she be a descendant of Qui-Gon Jinn? Again perhaps but much like Obi Wan, it seems a faint possibility at best.
  • Kylo Ren has yet to complete his training.. as a Sith or as something else?
  • Which brings me to Snoke, who is he? To me he seems to be a Muun, could he be Darth Plagueis? Plagueis is established to have the ability to mask his presence fully within the force, and knew how to manipulate the force to bring others back from death and stop them from dying. Sidious himself wondered whether his Master was truly dead when he had thought he had killed him, so it is a definite possibility.
  • Now on to Luke. Has he fully conquered the dark side? Or does he share his father’s weakness? Are his powers under control? Or is he still unable to control them fully due to the lack of training. Does he blame Kylo for turning to the Dark Side, or himself for failing his students and the loss of his academy?


The Force Awakens has allowed for some interesting possibilities when it comes to Episode VIII and beyond. Whilst I won’t cover all my possible lore developments, I will focus on the more important ones.

  • Kylo Ren’s obsession with Vader could see him either suffer to be a pale imitation of his Grandfather or possibly surpass him. His ability to freeze a blaster bolt in mid air was awesome, and frankly, if he can show such levels of power without being fully trained, then imagine how powerful he can be once fully trained.
  • Snoke, who is he? There’s possibilities of him being either Darth Plagueis, a reborn Darth Sidious or another Sith altogether. Of course there is the possibility that he’s a completely new character in itself. Either way it will be interesting to see.
  • Rey’s force potential seems to hint that she would have come from a family with strong force potential. The question is who though? There seems to be no clear indication as to what her heritage is though for the time being.
  • What will happen to Finn? So far he seems in critical condition, will he survive? Will he be the same person if he does? Will the First Order retrieve him and reprogram him?
  • As for the First Order, what lies next for them? How will they recover from the loss of their Starkiller weapon and those billions of deaths?
  • Leia showed some force sensitivity when she sensed Han’s death, will they elaborate on this further?
  • Snoke indicates that Hux and Ren return to him so Ren can complete his training. Once that happens what will be their next move? Will Ren continue to seemingly not like Hux?

As you can see there are many questions left unanswered, and I personally can’t wait for the release of the next movie. May the Force be with you…

Until next time,
The Raven


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