Frustrating Developments

I find myself frustrated recently, I’ve been trying to find a good introduction for the newest character to the Raven’s Tales mythology, and I’ve come up with at least fifteenth different ways to introduce the character before changing my mind over and over.

Part of the problem is my continual obsession for perfection in terms of the introduction. I want to be able to get this just right, but at the same time I fear that my procrastination with this character might dilute the ideas I have in mind for the character itself.

I have a very clear idea of the way the character looks, the way the character acts, even as far as what the character will represent. It is the qualities that this character will possess that makes me dither in terms of the introduction, since for me it has to be the right setting for the introduction in order to make everything smoothly. The last thing I want is for the character to stick out like a sore thumb and feel it has been a forced introduction.

Hopefully I shall be able to find the right way to introduce the character in the near future, just thought you all deserved this update as to why the character has not been introduced yet.  I also have two further projects in mind which I will not divulge now for the time being, since I need first to confirm whether I can even get them off the ground first.

Until next time,
The Raven


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