The Raven And The Throne Of Thorns

Finally a newer, albeit shorter than usual addition to The Raven’s Tales. These last few weeks have been tough on both myself and my family. A more prosperous employment has arrived however it has been a cost, since the time now spent with my family is now minimal. My daughter, who has featured in the Raven’s Tales before as The Robin, has been heartbroken and shed tears over it. This is the inspiration for this edition of the Raven’s Tales, I hope that you will enjoy it, and that I’ve been able to convey the raw emotion that has poured out of my daughter’s young soul.

Until next time,
The Raven

The Raven And The Throne Of Thorns

The Raven sits upon a thorn made of thorns,
Whose jagged edges, blood now adorns,
Every breath renders them deeper into the flesh,
As feathers and thorns continue to slowly mesh,
Blood slowly pours onto the Wilted Rose,
As The Robin chirps a mournful prose…

Lost she has, her song of hope,
Filled with despair and unable to cope,
Trying to understand the moments she has lost,
Gold coins rise, but at what cost?
What is the point of golden laurels upon her head,
If the Raven’s soul will be buried amongst the dead?

The Robin’s anguish is clear to see,
Puddles of tears have become a roaring sea,
No respite from the chirping of mournful prose,
As she rests her eyes upon the Wilted Rose…

The Robin’s tears begin to flow
And The Raven’s pain continues to grow,
For as long as the mournful song the Robin does sing,
The Raven continues to be a tortured king,
Solemnly yearning for the days of yore,
Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  16/01/2016 ©



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