Bow And Arrow

Today’s inspiration has come from the love of my life. For almost a decade now I have avoided talking about my emotions and feelings about our entire time together. This is something borne both out of nature for me, since I can not often put verbally that which I feel within me. Therein lies the reason why I write as I do, this poem therefore is for my dear wife, for her to be able to see, just how much she truly means to me. I hope you all enjoy it, until next time,

The Raven.

Bow And Arrow

I’d always thought that I’d die young,
Spending decades staring down the barrel of my own gun,
Carrying a death wish ever since I was a child,
I was always angry, continuously riled,
Angered by the most innocuous thing,
Tortured by a pauper’s dream of being King,
Always questioning what I was worth,
Self confidence always in a state of dearth,
I was on a path of self destruction,
Heading towards  a gallows of my own construction,
But somehow fate decided to intervene,
And I was mesmerised by blue eyes so serene…

I had never met anyone like you before,
Truth is, you shook my world to its core,
There was a mystery to you, you were unique,
And without you, my soul felt eternally weak,
I knew, I no longer had to be the man behind the mask,
No longer did I seek relief at the bottom of a flask,
All I breathed, all I wanted was you,
Cupid’s arrow pierced my heart, it’s true,
I was helpless I suppose,
For after two weeks I did propose…

You were my bow, and I was your arrow,
And when my hood made the world seem narrow,
You’d open my eyes and make me understand,
Taking my troubles away with just the touch of your hand,
We’ve had our share of troubles along the way,
But without you I’d never have been the man I am today,
You made me feel, made me believe in the gift of love,
And to this day I swear you were sent to me from Heaven above,
An angel, who’s embraced me with her wings,
Allowing a pauper to rise and walk amongst Kings….

I wasn’t made to live alone,
Death always courted me whenever I was on my own,
Whilst I always was and shall be The Raven,
You my dear are my rock, my safe haven,
For alike in the tales and sonnets of yore,
Or in the traditions that came even before,
Our tale’s been written within the stars eternal lore,
Quoth The Raven, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  28/01/2016 ©


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