Three Butterflies

Today’s post is a short story written by my eldest daughter, who has featured here previously as The Robin. This short story was written by my daughter way back in May. I promised her, that for her efforts at school, I would post it here. So, here’s hoping you all enjoy her work.

Until next time,
The Raven

Three Butterflies

Three butterflies flew down to the garden to play,
Little butterfly asked “which flower are we jumping on today?”
Big butterfly said “we’ll see”,
Medium butterfly shouts “I want to race a bee”

And so the butterflies flew to a nice pink rose,
But hidden close by, was a sneaky mean cat who
Wanted to swat at the butterfly.

He waited quietly, sneaking slowly to the rose,
While Little butterfly was busy counting her toes,
“Careful, that mean cat is coming your way!”
Shouted Medium butterfly, “I think he just
Wants to play” said Big butterfly. The three
Flew up high, as the cat kept trying to swat
Them down from the sky.

“Silly cat” said Little butterfly as she danced
Around. “He can’t reach from the ground!”
Said Big butterfly.

The three butterflies darted in and out
And zig zagged all through the garden all day,
As the naughty cat chased after them all day.

The Sun began to set and the three butterflies
Began to yawn. “I’m sleepy” they all said together,
As they flew back into their little Tulip they
Called hunt. “What a day” they said, as they
Went to sleep with the moon out in the sky.
They dreamed of the adventure they had today,
Of roses, and of the day the naughty cat came
to play.

Written by The Raven –  13/02/2016 ©



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