The Future

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response to my daughter’s short story. I think it was one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written, and the words of encouragement that she has received for it has been monumental. I’ve had parents inform me that they’ve read the story to their children and that their children loved it. This is ¬†brilliant news, and I am so proud of my daughter’s accomplishment that I have a few thoughts in mind as to how to develop this further for her. Hopefully the next few days will bring discussions between my daughter and myself as to how to take these stories further for her.

This week however, begins the start of a whole new chapter for me. In late December, I found gainful employment with a major telecommunications provider, and whilst initially I was thrilled with the opportunity, things quickly turned sour. I was in all honesty, not the right fit personality wise for the concepts that they had in place. This lead me to seek for employment elsewhere, and Monday sees the beginning of the next chapter of my career. Hopefully this will be the start of an enjoyable and fruitful experience for me. I would love to climb up the ladder and be successful within this company, but one step at a time, for now I am merely content to have my weekends to myself once more.

The Raven’s Tales has taken a mini break for the time being, mainly due to not want to lower the quality of the poetry within. I’d like my ideas for The Raven’s Tales to be organic and full of emotion and symbolism, and I do not wish to force myself to write substandard poetry for the sake of continuity. I do have big plans for The Raven’s Tales and indeed the future of this blog, and for myself as a writer, but before I put them in place, I need to ensure that I make all the appropriate preparation to launch things off properly.

My son seems to have settled rather well in the last year or so, and he seems to fall into the bracket of high functioning autism, which is brilliant news and I look forward to seeing him succeed as I know he can. This in part is why I find myself so frustrated with the general direction of my career up to this point. I am, what I fear my children to become, someone who wasted the intellectual gifts given to him by The Almighty, and is now the embodiment of wasted potential. I hope that my career will take an upturn in the near future, and that I will be able to show my children that hard work and dedication, along with intelligence are the key to success.

Hopefully 2016 will prove to be the start of something wonderful for my family, and hopefully, from a creative standpoint, a fountain of creativity, that will allow me to continue to improve as a writer, and build to the future.

Until next time,
The Raven


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