When I first started  this blog over fourteen months ago, I never really had any set thoughts or plans as to how this would all pan out. I had never really planned anything beyond merely writing what popped into my head.

A few short months into me starting this blog, I started writing The Raven’s Tales, which against all expectations, became something bigger than I expected. The first edition of The Raven’s Tales was a way for me to deal with the concept and emotion of loss after my wife suffered a miscarriage, but it evolved and grew beyond it’s original designs.

The Raven is something that I have identified with for years, as I have mentioned previously in this post, so with that in mind, the site will be undergoing a re-branding of the blog, as well as some upcoming changes to the way things are posted as well. These changes will be elaborated on in the near future once the re-branding is complete.

On another note, there is some news regarding my daughter, The Robin, due to the popularity of her posts, and her own desire to branch out and continuing to write her own material, she will soon be starting her own blog. Please support her as much as you have supported me.

Until next time,
The Raven


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