Rebranding, Reasons And Updates

As most of you are now aware, the site has been under a bit of renovation lately and the rebranding is now complete. The focus will remain similar to what it used to be, along with a few minor changes. The main focus so far will centre on four things. 1) The Raven’s Tales – poetry, 2) The Raven’s Flock – this will be feature posts from other writers including the Robin who now has her own blog ( 3) The Raven’s Call – opinion pieces on topics of interest, this is where much of my musings (as known before the rebranding) will be found and finally 4) The Raven’s Causes – this will be purely focused on charities, causes and conditions which I feel would be good to be aware about and support.

Some of you might be wondering as to why there’s been a redevelopment of the site. The truth is, when I originally made this blog I had no idea I’d ever start writing things like The Raven’s Tales, and it was something that truly resonated with me. The Raven’s Tales has now evolved into something different that what it was originally about, and with my desire to create my own mythos around it, then I thought the redevelopment of the site was something that was required and would be better suited than under the previous name of NaraTaeMusings.

I want to thank you all for the fourteen months of support, following and viewing, and I hope that you will continue enjoy the content here at The Raven’s Tales, as much as you did under NaraTaeMusings.

Untill next time,
The Raven


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