The Raven’s Call – Fear Mongering And Politics

Recently I’ve been keeping an eye on the growing debate within Britain with regards to The UK leaving the EU, which has coined the term “Brexit”. So far the In (Pro EU) and out (Pro Brexit – Britain leaving the EU) has been full of alarmist, almost child like exaggerations with regards to the potential consequences and pitfalls of either leaving or staying within the EU.

Frankly it has become rather tedious and tiresome to have to listen or read about the constant tales of apocalyptic woe that would befall the UK should we listen to either side. The truth is that there has been a Britain before the EU, and there will be a Britain after the EU. Whether Britain stays in or leaves the EU, it will not culminate in Armageddon, and whatever are the pitfalls of either decision, Britain will get through them and life will continue on as normal.

So far I’ve heard from the In camp, that businesses and economies would collapse, there would be a huge upswing in unemployment, the economy would crash and we’d all return to the time of the Neanderthals and start living in caves again. The Out camp takes the stance that should we stay in Europe, Britain will lose it’s sovereignty, its right to adjudicate and establish its own laws, that our economy will be leached upon by the struggling EU, and that Britain would be awash with immigrants, all wanting to live purely on benefits.

That alone is bad enough, but instead France, Germany and Spain have waded into the matter making veiled threats towards Britain should it leave the EU. Spain have recently warned about invading Gibraltar the very next day should Britain leave the EU. Causing a massive concern to the people of Gibraltar, and to its Government.

This, is the biggest thing that makes people like me become completely disgusted and disillusioned with politics. It is hard enough to maintain an interest when all you hear in Prime Ministers Questions is a baying mob of politicians sounding like a bunch of louts after a drunken night out on the tiles, shouting over the questions and answers levied towards the two politicians taking the pulpit. If you then factor in the constant evoking of fear should we not do as they say, or as in the case of Ed Miliband during the election debates, insisting that they know better than the populous about what would benefit them, it is quite easy to see why the turn out for the last four elections (2001 – 2015) has been between 59 – 66% in comparison to 70 years earlier (1945 – 1955) where it was between 76 – 83%.

As a voter, the one thing I seek from politics is merely the facts. I am not interested in hearing alarmist theories nor a bunch of adults playing the blame game (It’s all Labour’s fault, it’s all the Tories fault etc), what I am interested in hearing however is the truth. I believe that if they merely tell us the truth about the pros and cons of both sides of the argument, then we can make an informed decision as to where we stand on the issue. Instead, UK politics has become akin to a playground argument between toddlers, and frankly it has become frustrating and disappointing to have to deal with.

I have yet to hear a single good reason either for staying within or leaving the EU. I’ve heard the word Brexit a lot, I’ve heard about the possible seven layers of Hell that awaits the UK if they leave the EU and the seven layers of Hell if they stay within the EU. The worst thing is, this is all based on conjuncture.  This “could” happen, or that “could” happen, but it is all based on biased assumptions. The truth is none of us can tell the future, and that there are countries that survive and flourish within the EU, and countries that survive and flourish outside of the EU.

Whatever happens come the referendum, one would hope that whatever decision the British public make, that it is respected and accepted, and that the politics of fear ends, so we can finally see a proper political discourse within the House of Commons and within British politics itself.  Alas this all seems a pipe dream currently, for until our politicians learn to act civilised with the Houses of Parliament,  and learn to mention the facts instead of spin and rhetoric, the only question we’ll have at any elections, is simply, who annoyed us the least, and who do we like the most. Until this mindset from our politicians changes, political elections will always be a cult of personality rather than electoral policy.

Until next time,
The Raven



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