The Raven’s Causes – Abuse

First of all I’d like to apologise for the delay in writing recently. Things have been a bit.. chaotic with my personal life. Getting used to the antidepressants has not been entirely easy. That being said, today I intend to shake the hornet’s nest a little bit, and write about a rather controversial subject, abuse.

Having watched Murdered by my father recently on BBC1 (available on iplayer and definitely worth a watch, I would recommend it, very harrowing and thought provoking), It got me to thinking about the things that go on in our society, that  no matter how much awareness we raise, still take place.

I know that some will come out to say that things like this are not the norm, that they are rare incidents, only a small percentage of people do this etc. However, to be perfectly honest, I do not think for one moment that these sort of responses are acceptable. A very small percentage of adults in the global population are paedophiles, yet the damage they do is very real, and I’m pretty certain that the victims of this kind of abuse take any solace that their abusers are rare amongst society.

It can be incredibly frustrating to hear that these things are “not the norm”, no kidding, of course they’re not the norm because no reasonable human being with a semblance of a conscience, compassion or morality would do this sort of thing. Yet it still happens, and more often than not, the sentences passed by the courts are minimal in comparison to the torment suffered by the victims.

People close to me have suffered abuse, and have suffered terribly for it, and I can assure you that they took no comfort from this being a “rare” occurrence. Hell, what makes it all the worst is that in their case, their abuser got away free, damned in the court of public thinking, but no justice was served, he was not made to pay for his crimes, for his sins, for his abuse.  For years I have wanted to put him to task, to call him out for what he did and to see him incarcerated for what he did.

Unfortunately that has not taken place and it infuriates me to see him walk around with his head high after he knows what he did. What makes it worse though, is those around him that should and DO know better, still defend him, citing that it is all a fabrication. Especially when everyone else knows exactly what he did and how guilty he is for it. He may not face justice in this world, but there will come a time when he will answer for his sins, to his Maker, just as we all will have to do.

It is very frustrating that this miscarriage of justice is not a rare occurrence. In fact, soft sentences and case dismissals due to how cleverly these kind of people manipulate the system, is the very reason that these kind of things continue to happen. If every single person that performed an honour kill, raped, abused a child, or beat his or her husband/wife/partner faced justice for their crimes, and faced a very severe  punishment, then there would be very clear and strong deterrent. There of course would be some who would still commit these crimes, but at least they would face justice and punishment for their crimes, and give their victims some relief in the knowledge that their abusers got the punishment they so rightfully deserved.

Until then however, things like this will continue to happen, and there will always be people defending the indefensible, however, the sooner society takes a zero tolerance policy for crimes such as these, the better, and maybe one day, though I’ll admit it’s a rather utopic hope, we’ll live in a society where these kind of crimes are extinct, and consigned to history and never to rise again.

Until next time,
The Raven


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