The Note

Today’s version of The Raven’s Tales comes from a darkened place within me, paying heed perhaps to the temptation that I’ve faced over the years, in my search to end my torment. Thankfully I managed to find the strength over the years to not go down this route successfully. However, others have not quite been so lucky, so it is my hope that today’s version of The Raven’s Tales, will be able to give people some awareness and understanding, of just how difficult life can be when you are dealing with depression, and contemplating suicide, and just how bleak life has to be, for any person, to consider death as the only way out.

Until next time,
The Raven

The Note

In the darkness of a storm filled night,
Sits The Raven, hidden from plain sight,
Upon his perch lands a hand written note,
That some poor unfortunate soul once wrote,
With words written in sanguine red,
The Raven listens as the words echo in his head…

“For years I stood and watched my hopes fade away,
I kept telling myself that there’d be a better day,
But that better day never did quite arrive,
And all I did during all those years was survive,
The pain became far too much to bear,
Hope withered and then turned into despair…

I watched as my dreams never came true,
Stood still as my soul was crushed anew,
Cried as loved ones turned from me,
And tears became the only thing my eyes could see,
Every night I prayed to the stars above,
Begging for a symbol, a dove,
Desperate for a beacon of hope,
Just so that I would be able to cope…

No dove ever quite landed,
And metaphorically, I felt stranded,
A simple man, tortured by a persistent thorn,
Silently weeping and wishing I’d never been born,
Blood soon began to flow,
For moments, that was the only relief I would know,
But this too began to fail,
And freedom became a myth, like the Holy Grail…

So today I walked towards the tree of the damned,
Saying a quick prayer for the thousand tiny bones crammed,
I climbed to the tallest branch in the sky above,
Then kissed a picture of the children I love,
Glanced calmly down towards the dark abyss,
And as I jumped, I knew freedom, I knew bliss,
For as my body lies mangled upon the broken shore,
There’s a smile on my face, for my pain is no more…”

The Raven glanced down and saw the broken dead,
Let out a small sigh and shook his feathered head,
Another life claimed by the tree of the damned,
More bones to be silently and solemnly crammed,
Closing his eyes slowly as he glanced down upon the shore,
Remembering the soul that had existed just moments before,
Solemnly yearning, once again, for the days of yore,
Quoth The Raven, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  27/04/2016 ©


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