The Distressing Call

Today’s edition of The Raven’s Tales is a continuation of my last two poems regarding suicide, somewhat taking place in between The Note and The Aftermath. This is the stage wherein someone receives that horrible call, informing them of the demise of their loved one at their own hands. In this poem, the little girl from The Aftermath is the one to receive The Distressing Call. Suicide is something that affects a multitude of people, each of them differently, and this is what this mini-series of mine lately hopes to highlight, and hopefully raise some further awareness regarding this rather serious and sensitive issue.

Until next time,
The Raven

The Distressing Call

The Raven lands upon a balcony and glances towards the wall,
Just as a young girl receives a rather distressing phone call,
“Hello, who is this to call at such an unexpected hour?
The news you bring, are they sweet or are they sour?
Wait, no, wait, that cannot be!
How could you be so cruel as to lie to me!
What do you mean he chose to die?!
Just yesterday we looked at the animal shaped clouds in the sky,
My father was a hero, A King deserving a crown on his head,
So how can you be telling me he’s now dead…

You must be wrong! Why would he climb all the way up there?
What about us? What about me? Did he not even care?
Suicide? Does that mean he will not breathe no more?
I don’t understand, why would he launch himself towards the floor?
He was going to be there with me when I got married,
And be the first to greet the baby I would have just carried,
Who’s going to hold my hand, now that he’s gone?
How will he guide me, when I’ve done something wrong?
I still don’t understand what you are trying to say,
What do you mean that he won’t be coming home today…

Mummy’s going to be heartbroken, Grandma too,
If you’re really gone Dad, you’ve just taken my soul with you,
Please Mister, tell me this is some awful mistake,
That Father is just about to walk in with one huge cake,
Or with a lovely flowery dress, for me to look pretty,
And then say something funny and equally witty,
The truth it is, alas there’s nothing that I can do,
Thank you for informing me, again, thank you…”
Well Father, there’s not much now to be said,
I’m here, though inside, there’s now two of us that are dead…

The young girl bursts into uncontrollable tears, a heartbreaking sight,
The Raven solemnly bows his head and takes flight,
Flying away from the house that received the distressing call,
Heading back into the ether of time, as the shadow begins to fall,
As another soul fades into memory, into the days of yore,
Quoth The Raven, Nevermore…

Written by The Raven –  02/05/2016 ©


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