Referendum: The Importance Of Respect

So the referendum draws near, and the entire debate that has played across my job, friends, my facebook page and pretty much every single forum I visit, is pretty much identical. They all seem to follow the same gist “I’m voting remain, common sense tells me to, you’re voting out? Racist, idiot, you don’t understand!”. Honestly it is rather frustrating, almost every single remain voter I have come across seems to consider themselves either above those who are voting out, or consider those voting out racist.

Everyone has their own reasons for voting remain or leave, everyone has their own reasons as to why they read some newspapers rather than others (yep that’s a thing too apparently there are right ones, and wrong ones). All reasons are equally valid, since after all, they are the personal reasons of someone who has chosen their personal stance on the referendum.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not my desire to mock people on their stance, or even to say which vote would be the right one. My only desire is for others to respect the decisions that those on the “other side” have made. Remain or leave, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on it. Just because someone is voting remain, does not mean the person voting leave is wrong, or vice versa.

I decided which way I was going to vote the moment the referendum was announced, no article, opinion (media or otherwise) has swayed my opinion. The reason is that my decision was made purely on my observations and on what I believe would be best for me, and for my family. That is why no opinion can sway me from my choice. Before the referendum was announced, I had weighed the benefits and drawbacks of each decision, so when it finally was announced, I had already weighed things up and felt suitably informed to make my decision.

The best way to forge a stronger community is for us to validate and respect the opinions and decisions of others, even if they don’t mirror our own. I am not going to sit here and mention my stance on the referendum, because I don’t think there’s any point to it. I am merely here asking that we all respect the decisions of others and that we understand that whilst we may not agree with the opinion of others, that we extend the same respect and validation that we extend to our own opinions.

Until next time,
The Raven


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