Titanic Ambitions

So for a while now I’ve been pondering as to how to enter the fray when it comes to writing a book. I have been working on a couple of books for a while, but find myself unsatisfied with both so far. For some reason I just cannot seem to find myself content with neither the subject matter nor the writing style.

I oft find myself tempted by subjects that I enjoy but the problem therein lies that there are already a litany of books written on those subjects. Despite this in mind, and despite my sheer frustration at my inability to settle on a subject matter, I have come to a decision, perhaps one that I will regret in the future, but a decision none the less…

For almost three decades, I have had an interest in the R.M.S Titanic, and as I child I dreamed of sailing upon Titanic, so I have decided, with the help of my talented daughter The Robin, I will embark upon writing a novel based on the Titanic.

Further details will be revealed in the future, but with an idea of the plot in mind, I am hopeful that this will be something both enjoyable to read, and to write. For now, there is much to research, much to think about, and apologies for the delays in writing recently, life has been rather hectic.

Until next time,
The Raven


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