Novel Update

Research on the Titanic based novel has now begun, and in all honesty, that will be the easy bit, especially since the history of Titanic is well documented. The far more challenging research in my mind will be backstory to the characters that my daughter and I are currently conjuring up.

I want the character depictions, as well as the environment that surrounds them, and the circumstances that allows them on Titanic to be as realistic and as natural as possible. This is why I also wish to do some extensive research on the stories of the survivors of Titanic, to be able to feed into the emotion that they went through from the moments before they first set sail, to the moment they were rescued and beyond.

My daughter’s desire for this novel, is to not only be a good story, but to be as factual, as realistic and as close as possible in all aspects, in order to truly be able to give the reader a glimpse into what the experience of Titanic must have been like.

It will definitely be a challenging experience, mainly due to all the research to be covered, as well as the characterisation that will need to take place. Hopefully however, it is the start of a fun and educating experience for both my daughter and myself.

Until next time,
The Raven



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