A Letter To My Children

I’ve been at a loss for words recently, for the simple reason that in the last few days, I have been unable to find a subject that truly motivates me to write with passion and excitement. There’s a lot of topics around that I could add my two pence to, but I feel that enough words have been written on them, so failed to do so.

My mind has been clouded and full of erratic and intense thoughts, some that have honestly been a struggle to deal with. Nothing depressive, just intense and not really the thoughts that I would have wished to entertain.

Which brings me to today’s topic, legacy. I always wonder what I would leave behind for my children to remember me by, and in which light they would see me. I also wondered whether I was able to convey to them, the meaning behind the decisions I’ve made as a parent. This in itself brought me to an idea for a poem, which I’ll share with you now, hopefully you’ll all enjoy it.

Until next time,
The Raven.

A Letter To My Children

As a child I had a dream, that one day I’d be a dad,
We’d all be quite rich, and never sad,
Not a single tear would fall from your eyes,
And I would be the kind of dad that never dies,
Dreams and reality do not always intertwine,
But for me however they mixed just fine..

I was always a dreamer, and always depressive,
My dreams and hopes were always kind of excessive,
There have been times when I have lived out of a bottle,
And times when I’ve lived at full throttle,
There were times, when I wished that I would die,
But would regret it the moment I realised that you’d all cry…

The days you were born, were the happiest of my life,
Those single moments, wherein I was not in constant strife,
You’re all I have ever wanted, it’s true,
There would be no me, without you,
All I ever wanted was to be the best dad in history,
A dad who’s lessons were never an undecipherable mystery..

I know I’ve failed you so many times along the way,
But you were always the light to my darkest day,
And on the nights when to my throat I held a knife,
You reminded me of the reasons I had to live my life,
It was you, each one of you, that kept me alive,
Each one of you that gave me a reason to fight, to survive…

I’m not at all rich or successful, I never truly was,
But you made me realise that I was not a lost cause,
I tried to be fair and guide you all through this life,
To protect you and keep you sheltered from strife,
And as you grew before me, I was constantly amazed,
At how you took it all in your stride and were never phased,
You’ve all been stronger and wiser than I have ever been,
Your hearts were full of love and never once mean…

My grandfather always taught me to be a family man,
And gave me morals and values like only a grandfather can,
He will always live on because of what he always knew,
For what he taught me, I then taught you,
I tried to be the man, that he taught me to be,
And I’m proud that you’re all better than me,
I made many mistakes along the way,
However, you’re all the reason I’m a better man today…

I wanna say I’m truly sorry for letting you all down,
For being the jester, hiding behind the tears of a clown,
And I wish, that I could have been far better than what I was,
That I could have been a champion of some altruistic cause,
But the truth is, I am as simple a man as can be,
There was no greater purpose or meaning to me,
All I was, and all I have ever been was a dad,
And when you read these words, please don’t be sad,
I achieved my greatest dream, I did what not many get to do,
Believe me when I say that I am truly proud of all of you…

There will come a time when I will exist no more,
When that happens, I will still be as a I was before,
Proud of all of you, and loving you more than I could ever say
And hopefully, like my grandfather before me, I’d still be around today,
In the lessons and words you’d tell your little ones,
Whether they’d be daughters or sons,
Either way I’d just want you all to know,
That I loved you all more than I could ever truly show,
You are my dreams, my reason to live,
The greatest gift that anyone could truly give,
All I ask for when we meet again, if it is not too much trouble,
Is for Lillypad, The Superboy and The Robin, to give dad, a cuddle…

Written by The Raven –  18/09/2016 ©


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