Heroes And Imagination


It’s funny, as a kid I always dreamt of being very adept at most combat sports. I honestly thought I would be able to master archery, martial arts, fencing and gymnastics. I thought that I was destined to wear a mask and cape, and right the wrongs that plagued my city, and defend them from the aggression of our not so friendly neighbours.

All of these combat sports, I believed, would ensure that I would be able to live up to the heroes that I dreamed of being, that one day, these heroes would turn to me and consider me one of their own. The funny thing is, is that I knew they weren’t real, but I wished to become part of their folklore, that one day, comic books and stories would be written about me, and my efforts to protect my city.

Reality got in the way however. Not only did I not have the dedication for some of the sports (martial arts, gymnastics) but the others were not available in my country at the time (fencing, archery), so my dreams took a back seat that it never really recovered or emerged from.

In many ways, there are times where I do wish I had the ability to have mastered all those combat sports, and a couple of others too. There are times where I honestly have wished to have been able to be the type of hero I fantasised about as a child. However, reality always bites and I return to reality, albeit with a little tinge of regret.

My interest in these sports are still high if I am honest, though not for the reasons listed above, but rather as a form of entertainment, and a sense of finally achieving a part of a dream that was such a large part of my young life. It’s interesting however, that I can close my eyes and still picture myself as the hero that I had designed for myself in my very young mind. That ability is something that has not left me since my youth, ever since I was a child, I had the ability to be able to picture my thoughts in vivid colour and live action within the confines of my mind.

It is something that can be quite useful for me these days, as when I begin to write my Raven poems, I can actually visualise the scene I wish to set and then it becomes a case of finding the right words to describe it. The downside is that if I cannot find the words to match, it will often leave me quite frustrated and have me starting from scratch all over again.

This level of visual thought and imagination is something I wish that my kids will be able to enjoy and learn. It was honestly brilliant for me as a child, both in terms of entertainment (each toy of mine had it’s own name, story line, world, theme music etc) and in terms of creativity. Being able to create a city out of Lego purely from live action images within your thoughts was amazingly fun, and I always had a sense of satisfaction once my design was made reality.

I may not be the hero I wished to be, nor do I wear the rather elaborate gear that I had hoped would adorn me, but I still have that wonderful ability to visualise my thoughts, and long may it continue.

Until next time,
The Raven


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