The Black Rose

The inspiration for this poem came from an image that appeared in my head after seeing a picture of a black heart in a youtube video. There is some meaning to the poem but for now I wish to keep that to myself, I would like for you all to make your own opinions and views as to what the significance of this poem truly is.

The main appeal of writing something like this today, was to try and focus on the imagery as much as possible. I wanted to be able to express the emotions hidden within in such a way, that it would paint the scene as I did so. It is interesting what can inspire you at times, for I was certainly not expecting to get such inspiration from a youtube video that I have seen many times before. I hope you will all enjoy it.

Until next time,
The Raven

The Black Rose

A single black rose, stands in a field so barren and desolate,
The single survivor of an unforgiving and merciless fate,
There is no sign of life here amidst the broken bones and dust,
No sea of tears to cause the ancient weapons laid here to rust,
Fragments remain of what there once was,
Unspoken memories of heroes fighting a just cause,
A forgotten war, of which only desolation remains,
Mixed with bones, dust and dried blood stains…

The black rose sways to and fro in the cold winter breeze,
Echoing through the hollow bones, as the earth begins to freeze,
Life once bloomed in this now solemn field,
What once grew and flourish, now only death did yield,
Forgotten are the sea of colours and fragrance,
No longer is there signs of life in its naissance…

Solemnly stands does the black rose, in the empty field,
Wherein his mighty sword, did death yield,
As now, one by one, do the petals quietly fall,
Sadly, even the black rose, is not impervious to winter’s call,
What was once light, is now shrouded in darkness,
The field wherein once life did beat, is now heartless,
And so the end has arrived, for the field of desolation,
Which turned the beauty of the black rose, into an aberration,
No phoenix will rise out of this ash, for now, all that remains,
Is a memory, of the black rose, enshrined, in our brains…

Written by The Raven –  20/11/2016 ©



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