The Commercialisation Of Holidays

Christmas time is almost upon us, and we are all looking forward to the food, the presents, the decorations, everything that in today’s society symbolises Christmas. To me this holiday is both a blessing and an annoyance.

I love being around my kids when they open all their presents excitedly, yet at the same time I find the whole notion in retail that means that Christmas products, decorations and deals need to be out from November 1st. I understand why from a business perspective, but at the same time it is rather frustrating that a holiday that brings families together is such a rampant focus of commercialisation.

I understand the need for offers and all that, but when stores and organisations try to present the notion of “buy our products, we bring families together” and all that nonsense, it becomes almost insulting to my intelligence.

Don’t get me wrong, I do truly enjoy Christmas, and love when the decorations are up in December, but when stores begin to put them up on November 1st, it becomes almost a chore to know you have to deal with this for another two months. It becomes an issue of over-saturation to the point where the decorations become just background noise rather than something that instils a little bit of joy and wonder in you.

The commercialisation of our holidays is fast becoming tedium in my eyes. Once again I understand the need for businesses to make money and set offers, but when you get Halloween offers in September, Summer offers in May, Christmas offers in November, Valentine’s day  offers in January, and Easter offers in March, along with all the decorating that goes with it, it becomes rather tiresome rather quickly.

The solution for me would be for the offers to be limited to the month wherein the holiday takes place, otherwise we reach a stage wherein these holidays are just seen as another note in the retail calendar and met with eventual indifference.

Until next time,
The Raven


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