Apologies for the delay in writing this week, unfortunately our internet was down for a few days which meant I was unable to post anything recently. There’s a few things planned in the works that at the moment I am not able to announce quite yet.

There is however a possibility that I will start working on a second novel, though before I do I want to ensure I can experience as much of the knowledge and mythology that surrounds this particularly historical event before doing so. Hopefully there will be enough information and research around for me to be able to write an enjoyable novel on the subject.

Speaking of novels, the Titanic novel will be one that will possibly take a long while to write and to provide information for. The novel is the brainchild of my dearest daughter, so therefore it will be done at her pace. The hope is that once we have started writing and developing the plot, we will be able to post little bits here both in regards to the development and sneak peaks. However I cannot stress enough the need for patience with this one, as it is being currently developed by an almost eight year old girl.

With regards to poetry, the plan is for them to become a more frequent occurrence, since this is what I believe is the bread and butter of my writing. The reason they are sometimes few and far between is that there have been times where I have found it difficult to find inspiration or indeed to produce something which I believe is of the standard befitting this site. I am hoping to not only expand upon The Raven’s Tales poems, but also ones like The Grand Master, as I honestly enjoy setting the scene almost visually whilst still extending the narrative. The Grand Master poem is one of my favourite ones upon this site and hopefully more using that similar style will be written in the near future.

There might be a delay next week in my writing due to an unforeseen circumstance that will keep me away from my pc for a few days. Hopefully the delay will not be too long but I do hope to take the time to write a few things in my absence on paper which will then be written here.

Until next time,
The Raven



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