Improbable Dream

It’s been hard to define today as to what I wished to write about, and indeed discuss. The truth is that I often try to avoid contemporary politics, due to the often chaotic nature of such things, and the fact that today’s politics are proving to be quite divisive. Political discourse I leave to the esteemed journalists rather than myself.

My main focus, as it always has been, is poetry and novels. I have made no secret before that these are what I wish to be known by as a writer, and indeed, what I wish to be published for. It makes my attempt to transition from blogger to published author rather difficult however.

From a financial perspective, I do not have the ability to be able to self publish on amazon, and unfortunately this rules out for the time being, what could be a rather interesting avenue and market for me to explore. My hope has always been on a traditional publisher, but I have always been plagued by self doubt and a lack of confidence to have explored this aspect fully.

Which is why today, I have thought about writing about the hopes that for me now, seem to be placed in an unreachable dream world. In an ideal world, I’d be a published author, however my desire isn’t to become a millionaire or a household name, though naturally I would not turn either down. If I could honestly make a living simply by writing, by just doing what I enjoy, then for me I would have fulfilled my dream.

I honestly have no inkling as to what the future holds, and I would love to say with some certainly that my future lies in writing, but only time will tell, my hope is that somehow this blog, will be noticed by either a literary agent or a publisher who will take interest. Life however, doesn’t work that way, and I am well aware that I need to put in the work and the hours in order to get myself published, which is what I plan to do. However before I do this, I do wish to finish the two novels I am currently working on first, as I feel they would be the best way to show a publisher what exactly I can do.

I feel in a way as if I’m chasing a dragon in one of my dreams, only unlike what usually happens in dreams, this dragon is constantly out of reach, barely visible on the horizon, but just visible enough to ensure I don’t give up the chase. I refuse to believe that it is impossible however, improbable perhaps, but definitely not impossible, which is why I’ll continue to chase that dream, still clinging on to the hope that keeps me going.

Until next time,
The Raven


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