Family History

I’ve always been intrigued by my family history, not for any grandiose reason, but simply to know where we started and where we came from. I have always hoped of being able to track our ancestral lines back to where my family reckon we all originated from.

So far the search we have conducted so far, had led us to a couple of places wherein we knew we had some history in, and then we found something that completely blew our mind. Honestly we found records of our family in a few countries that we never expected to, including one wherein we were never expecting any ties to whatsoever, so much that it blew our minds completely.

Now I have always been a firm believer of the soul being able to feel, to notice where family ties have been placed within a city or country before. In fact, I had a feeling of being at home at one of the countries that we unearthed some family history on, to the point wherein I honestly was considering moving there. The streets which I had never walked on before, felt very familiar.

I think this might be something to do with genetic memory and genetic predisposition. This is a theory that currently is hard to prove or disprove, but I have always thought that it explain the reasons why you have generations of family being artists and so on.

As a teenager, I had a burning desire, a passion to become a shipbuilder, like my grandfather before me, that was soon put to rest as my parents were not keen on the idea at all and pretty much told me it was not going to happen, that they would not give me permission to leave my education to start an apprenticeship.

Ever since then, I have found myself listless when it comes to my career, doing jobs that I have taken on mainly for the sake of paying the bills rather than anything else. Now I’m wondering whether my desire as a teenager to become a shipbuilder was a result of an ancestral and hereditary calling. The same applies to the feeling of home in the aforementioned country, which has a large shipbuilding history.

This search has raised far more questions than answers and it honestly intrigues me for us to continue the investigation further, and hopefully unearthing a few gems that were prior to this undiscovered. I do want to apologise for the slight vagueness in this piece, as I have done so in order to keep it as an anonymous history, mainly since I write here under a pseudonym rather than my own name.

Hopefully more light will be shed on this matter, and I honestly recommend looking up your family history, you never know just what you might find.

Until next time,
The Raven


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