Let me start off by saying that I know that previous writing projects have yet to go beyond their announcement here, truth be told, I have not really been in the right state of mind in the last year or so, to be able to make much headway into the books that my daughter and I had began to plan and write.

The truth is, that lately I am even struggling with the ability to be able to write something that goes beyond just commentary or opinion pieces. I have not been able to concentrate enough to continue on with an addition to the Raven’s Tales series of poetry. Most of my attempts recently have been found rather lacking when I have begun writing them and have therefore being shelved.

My issues with depression unfortunately have robbed me of the clarity of thought that I normally require in order to be able to delve deep into my emotions and my creative mind. Both my mind and my emotions are currently in a tumultuous state which makes it almost impossible to be able to get a coherent thought, making the creative process stifled to some effect. Hopefully this will not be the case in the long term, and I do have a couple of subjects that I wish to write about in the Raven’s Tales poetry series.

With that in mind, my daughter and I have begun a  project that is a little bit different from what we normally attempt. My daughter is a massive fan of the natural world, plants, animals, insects, flowers, you name it, she loves them. It is a love that we both share (though I have an aversion to insects and bugs I must say), which is why we have decided to undertake a little project.

The plan is for us to hopefully set up our own website together in order to exhibit our photography of all things nature and then build upon both our brand and our photographs from there. This will be a long term plan that will hopefully be quite enjoyable for us both.

This does not mean that we will not focus on this site or it’s sister site, but rather that we hope to provide a wider scope of interests that we will cover. I am hoping to really get into the Raven’s Tales series with about 2 to 3 new poems that will hopefully invigorate the series, and my daughter will be writing her first political piece on our sister site, which should be very good in all honesty.

I do wish to apologise for not being able to make much headway into our other writing projects, I am hopeful that in the summer we will be able to get some work done on them but that will all depend on my mental and creative state at the time. Either way, the plan is to hopefully provide more content than what we currently do here as soon as we possibly can.

One of the possibilities that I am considering currently, is a series of short poems, I haven’t quite decided if there will be a story arch to them, though I do believe that poetry should both convey meaning and tell a story whilst doing so. Hopefully there will be a continuing arch that builds from the first one to the last. The idea would be that each series of it (e.g. five poems) would have a story and meaning of it’s own, which becomes clear once you have read them all. I am also giving thought to further expand on the Raven’s Causes side of things with more pieces highlighting health conditions, charitable causes and social issues as well.

This is currently just a thought and consideration and I will update further once I have been able to decide how to go ahead with this, whether it is workable and whether I can do it justice. Either way, I am hopeful that things will become a bit more active than what they have been lately. For now though, I am concentrating on returning with a few pieces for the Raven’s Tales series of poetry that will do the series justice.

Until next time,
The Raven





















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