The Journey Begins

In a single moment, things can change, we may not realise it at the time, but that single moment, that single decision, can at times be life changing. The decision made today, hopefully will be a life changing one, but to be honest, only time will tell. It is hard to say how much of a success this venture will be. It’s one of those things that it could be an unmitigated success, or turn out to be a rather expensive hobby in the long run.

Today we purchased the equipment required for us to be able to start taking the photographs for the website we spoke of in the previous post. The first step has now been taken with the purchase of our photography equipment. There is still a couple of pieces we require, but those will be purchased at a later date. The next step for now is to set up both social media and the website, these things will be underway shortly and we will give updates as soon as everything is up and running.

This project I must admit has brought some hope for me, new ventures are always exciting but there is another reason why this brings me such excitement. The project as it stands is the brainchild of my daughter and it thrills me to see her have such an entrepreneurial mind, and for her creativity to flourish. The reason it brings me excitement (bonding with my daughter aside) is because of its effect on me. Being in the middle of nature, in the wild has a very calming and beneficial effect to me. For some reason when I am within a field of flowers, or a woodland area, the mental chaos within me ceases. For those few moments and hours, serenity and harmony resumes in my mind and in my soul.

The worries and chaos that plagues my mind and soul, the darkness of sorrow and pain that lies within me, ceases to exist momentarily, all there exists for those few moments is the lens and the nature that surrounds me. Hearing the birds singing, and seeing wild rabbits move about, even the colours and scents of the plants that surround me, for some reason makes me feel at home, at ease, at peace.

I cannot being to comprehend the reason this happens. As I child I loved nature, but nowhere near to the extent I do now, and it had the effect nature has on any child, one of curiosity and adventure, but not peace per se. I do not comprehend it, but I do appreciate its effect on me however.

Today was hopefully step one of a project that will a harmonious and yet exciting time for us. The future begins today, and we will be posting updates in the very near future, both in terms of the branding, as well as the website and some photos as well!

Until next time,
The Raven.


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