The Moment Draws Near

Things have developed far quicker and further than even I had anticipated, as we are now adding the finishing touches to the website and will hopefully be announcing it all in the next few days. These are indeed exciting times for what is soon to be all three of our sites.

For this site, I will be writing up a new edition of The Raven’s Tales poetry soon, I have a concept in mind which I have been able to adjust to fit the mythos of the poetry perfectly. The Robin will soon be updating her site with a post pretty soon as well, once which is close to her heart.

For the new website, the finishing touches will soon be added, and from there we will soon be officially launching very soon, exciting times lie ahead. As soon as everything is ready, there will be updates here, as well as an official launching of the website on this site.

The moment is near, and hopefully, within the next few days, we shall see  a return to more frequent posts, as well as the launching of our new website.

Until next time,
The Raven


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