I feel the need to apologise again, especially since every single time I believe the new photography website to be up and running, I seem to discover further kinks. This is mainly down to this being my first ever website built sorta from scratch, albeit with a lot of help.

That aside, it has been quite the odd couple of weeks for me from a writing perspective. It is rather frustrating because a lot of my energy has been spent in trying to iron out the kinks I have come across, but with my knowledge of website building limited, it has been a rather slow process so far.

Every single day so far, has been a rather clouded one, mentally that is, for me. It has unfortunately, made coming up with interesting topics to discuss here rather hard to come by. I’ve tried to avoid political discourse as much as possible, purely because I believe that there is so much coverage out there, that there is little that I could share in regards to my opinions, that would be different from what is already out there.

I have been considering a form of musings of sorts, retelling some rather humour filled situations which I come across during my employment, but I am unsure as to whether this would be remotely interesting to anyone beyond those in my line of work.

I’m also quite interested in getting into some of the characters in Star Wars and other series and see if I can see things from their point of view. A sort of lore series but looking at things from the character’s point of view, rather than our own with the meta information we usually have. Hopefully I will be able to do this fairly soon, and have the website up and running as soon as the final kinks are ironed out.

Until next time,
The Raven


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